Skiing is a blast, but transporting your gear can be a hassle.  Let's face it, ski equipment is large and bulky and not fun to travel with.

That's where a ski boot bag comes in. It helps you organize and protect your boots while making transportation a breeze. With a ski boots bag, you'll have plenty of extra space to store all the other goodies you need for your next big ski trip.

And with features like padded protection and breathability, your ski equipment will stay safe and comfortable all day long.  In addition, all of the boot bags on this list are great for air travel, allowing them to fit in the overhead bins.  A compact boot bag that's well-suited for airport shuffling is considered a MUST in today's age.

Also be sure to check out our review of the best ski bag here, which is an essential companion to our boot bags.  Most of the brands below also offer a companion ski bag which allows you a perfectly matching solution for all your ski gear.

Check out our rankings of the best ski boot bags below!

How We Choose The Best For You

Skiing isn't for the faint of heart, so it's important to keep your ski supplies in the best ski boot bag possible! We dug deep into the ski world and researched everything from customer reviews and our own ski expertise to make sure you're getting a great deal.

When developing our list of 2023's best ski boot bags, we focused on design, durable materials, water-resistant materials, enough room size, weight, backpack design, and organizational features. What we've found is that each large bag brings something special to the slopes. Whether you're trying to stay within a budget or find something that fits all of your needs while traveling, rest assured that there'll always be an amazing ski boot bag for you in 2023!

#5: Score - 9.0/10

Dakine Boot Locker Bag / Backpack

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Why We Love It

Looking for a gear bag that can handle all your ski and snowboard gear? Check out the Dakine Boot Locker - 50 Liter Boot Bag. With roomy pockets for everything from your boots to your helmet, this bag has you covered whether you're headed to the slopes or just storing your gear at home.

The dedicated ski and snowboard boots compartment keeps your boots protected and easy to access, while the zippered front cargo pocket is perfect for gloves, hats, and other small items. And because it's designed to fit in overhead bins, this bag is perfect for getting your gear to and from the resort. So no matter where your next adventure takes you, be sure to bring along the Dakine Book Locker - 50 Liter Boot Bag.

What Should You Know

The Dakine Snow Boot Locker is a great value for the price and should last for many seasons.  You might need a plastic bag to separate gear from wet boots, as the inner wall compartments may not be completely waterproof.  The Dakine Boot Pack is the perfect way to store and protect your gear in transit. The dedicated helmet and goggle pocket padding help keep it scratch-free while being protected by an attached nylon cord pass-through secured zippers on both sides, allowing you access at any time without having to remove everything else from one side!

You'll also find storage space for skis or snowboards along with separate compartments that can be used independently depending upon what kind of trip setups are needed - whether they're loaded up just before hitting powder day and then going back out afterward, wanting every last detail accounted. This durable pack features a large front cargo area where gloves, hats, tuning kits, etc..are stored neatly inside.  Overall, if you're looking for an affordable and reliable ski boot bag that can keep your boots safe and secure on any adventure, then the Dakine Boot Pack is an excellent option.

#4: Score 9.1/10

Skylon Ski Boot Bag / Backpack

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Why We Love It

Skylon's Ski Boot Bag is an excellent choice for any ski enthusiast. It offers plenty of storage space and can accommodate up to two pairs of adult-sized boots. The bag also features a special waterproof pocket that helps keep items dry in wet weather.

Who doesn't love the idea of a lifetime guarantee? This company is so confident in its product that if you aren’t satisfied, they will take care of everything from shipping costs for return/exchange to resolving any issues. The perfect travel bag with all sorts of storage spaces and quick access storage pockets- no more juggling when traveling!

Plus, the adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panel make it comfortable to carry, and the two-way zipper allows quick access to all your gear.  It also includes several pockets for storing smaller items like goggles, as well as a mesh top pocket that's perfect for keeping your phone or keys secure.

The 65L expandable backpack is the perfect solution for people who need more space. Simply unzip and pull out a second zipper to increase your available high volume from 55 L all of the ways up to 65+ liters!

What Should You Know

The Ski Boot Bag from Skylon is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable ski boot bag. It's made from tough and waterproof nylon fabric, so it won't tear easily or become weighed down after carrying your supplies.

Skylon has created a boot bag pack with an array of convenient pockets and storage areas for your skis, poles, snow tools, or other ski equipment. With the ability to attach it onto any suitcase handle so that you can take everything along on vacation!

It also has adjustable shoulder straps, a two-way zipper closure, and multiple pockets for storing smaller items.  Plus, the special waterproof pocket ensures that your items will stay dry in wet weather.  Skylon's Ski Boot Bag is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable bag to transport their ski gear.

#3: Score 9.4/10

Sukoa Ski Boot Bag / Backpack

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Why We Love It

The first thing you'll notice about the Sukoa Ski Boot Bag is it's amazing color design - it just "pops" and stands out from the other bags out there!  But this ski backpack isn't just about looks.  It features a two-way zipper for easy access to all your mountain essentials, along with pockets galore to store items of any size.

The removable shoulder strap helps make carrying it a breeze and its foam padding ensures that it's comfortable at all times. It also has a waterproof pocket, so you don't have to worry about anything getting wet in the wild winter weather.

Sukoa's reinforced boot pocket and carrier handle padded straps are pain-free on the back when carrying your stuff around. Plus, its durable nylon fabric can withstand any wear and tear - this backpack will definitely last.

What Should You Know

Sukoa Ski Boot Bag provides a huge 50 liters of storage for all your skiing necessities. No more struggling with stuffy compartments, Sukoa bags come with streamlined organization and 3 distinct storage units to keep your ski gear neat, tidy and in place.

And don’t worry about sore shoulders or backs when you should be sliding down the slopes; Sukoa bags are designed with reinforced back padding and vertical ergonomics so you can stay comfortable in even the most rugged terrain.

Not to mention Sukoa features water-resistant linings in the boot compartment - just one more way this bag is looking out for you! And as if that weren’t enough, Sukoa has some bonus side straps on deck to store any last minute items before hitting the slopes. Skiing just got stylish!

#2: Score 9.6/10

OutdoorMaster Ski Boots Bag / Backpack

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Why We Love It

Take the Outdoor Master Ski Boot Bag and hit the slopes in style—no matter your level of experience. Not only is this bag incredibly light and durable, it has enough features to make even a pro jealous.

With two main compartments and four pockets, you can carry all your ski essentials in one convenient bag. Plus, with its ergonomic handles, backpack shoulder straps, and adjustable shoulder clips, it's never been easier to take your gear on the go!

No one wants to wear the same traditional ski boot bag as their grandparents did decades ago. It's time to upgrade to something made with modern technology in mind.   So get ready for an adventure because when you take this piece of gear along for the ride: you're ready for anything.

What Should You Know

The bag features a non-slip waterproof bottom, two separate compartments for boots with drainage holes and grommets/ventilation - making sure your boots are always dry.

With enough space for any size boots, helmet, ski goggles and gloves, OutdoorMaster's Ski Boot Bag also has three quick-access zippered pockets on the outside plus an internal wet-dry separation pocket and two key clips so you won't have to waste time rooting around trying to find them when its quitting time.

#1: Score - 9.8/10

Unigear Ski Boots Bag / Backpack

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#1: Unigear Ski Boots Bag(4.8/5)

Why We Love It

Unigear made the top of our list for three main reasons, it's extremely rugged, very waterproof, and thoughtfully designed.  Ski boots are by nature very rough on bags and fabric but Unigear held up the best among all of the ski bags reviewed.  

Unigear's 50 Liter Boot Bag may be a literal lifesaver for those dreading a long journey - simply store all your skiing essentials in it, such as gloves, internal sleeve, socks, neck gaiters, side pockets, ski boots, a ski jacket, snow ski pants, and goggles - then hoist it on your back so you can move around more freely. This makes longer trips from the car to the lodge that much more bearable. There's no denying Unigear's Ski Boot Bag / Backpack is an invaluable companion for any skier or snowboarder!

This bag is roomy enough to store all of your extra gear and clothing. The front compartment is specially designed to fit US Men's boots up to size 12.5, which keeps your boots separate the main compartment and ensures your other gear remains dry.

The exterior is made from durable and waterproof materials, so you can rest assured that your gear will be protected no matter what the weather brings. And if you're worried about carrying all this gear on your back, don't be - the backpack shoulder straps are well-padded, so you can comfortably carry your load.

What Should You Know

Unigear Ski Boot Bag is the right bag and the perfect traveling companion! It boasts features such as extra-large zippers, so you don't have to take off your chunky gloves. Not to mention that its construction of tarpaulin and 1050D nylon fabric ensures a strong exterior which is further fortified with a waterproof lining at the bottom.

Unigear's thoughtfulness obviously extends to your comfort, too, offering up an EVA padded mesh back panel for protection from any jabbing by the boots inside! If that isn't enough, Unigear also includes waterproof boot pockets - super handy for keeping other gear dry during flights, plus it fits into the overhead bin - bingo! Grab Unigear Ski Boot Backpack today and get ready to go places.

Best ski boot bags FAQs

What is the Best Ski Boot Bag?

The best ski boot bag depends on your needs and budget.  However, some of the top-rated options include Unigear Ski Boot Bag, Outdoor Master Ski Boot Bag, Sukoa Ski Travel Bag, Skylon Ski Boots Bag, and  Dakine 50L Ski Travel Bag.

What is the Best Material for a Ski Boot Bag?

You need material that will hold up against wet and cold weather, which is water resistant nylon and polyester.

What is the Best Size Ski Boot Bag?

The ideal size should carry 50 Liters or more of gear.  The best size ski boot bag will depend on how many pairs of boots you need to carry. Generally, larger bags are better if you bring multiple pairs of boots, while smaller bags are suitable for carrying a single set.

What's the Difference Between a Ski Boot Locker and a Boot Bag?

A boot locker is a larger storage container that is designed to protect your ski boots from the cold and wet weather. It typically has a watertight seal and insulation to keep your boots warm.  It also contains several different compartments to store additional ski gear such as helmuts, gloves, etc.  

It has at least a single shoulder strap but often has two so it can be used as a backpack.  Boot lockers are available in different sizes, but they are typically larger than a ski boots bag. They also tend to be more expensive.

A ski boots bag is an insulated bag that you can use to carry your ski boots only. It is typically made of water resistant material and has insulation to keep your boots warm.  It does not have a shoulder strap and is hand-carried only.  It does not have the capacity to store extra gear.

Is There a Ski Boot Bag with Wheels?

Yes! There are several wheeled ski boot bags available on the market now, such as the High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Ski Boot Bag or the Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack. These bags are great for those who want the convenience of wheels while still having plenty of extra storage space to store their ski gear.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes this season or just packing up for a weekend getaway, having the right ski boot bag can make all the difference. With this list of the five best ski boot bags, you can find the perfect one for you. From stylish designs to rugged construction, with these bags, you’ll be sure to have what you need when heading out to tackle the mountains. So grab your skis and boots, and get ready for adventure!

What is the Difference Between a Ski Boot Bag and a Ski Boot Backpack?

Ski boot bags are typically more lightweight and have fewer pockets than backpacks. Backpacks, on the other hand, are more spacious and often feature organizational boot compartments, the main compartment for all your ski gear items like goggles or gloves.

Depending on your needs, either type of bag can be a great option for keeping your gear organized and secure while on the slopes. Keep in mind that backpacks can also be more comfortable to carry if you plan on walking with them for extended periods of time.

Can I Store Other Skiing Equipment in my High-capacity Ski Boot Bag?

You can use high-capacity ski boot bags with 50 to 75 liters of volume for storing additional equipment, including helmets and goggles. They're especially good at housing snowboarding gear too!

Do You Know Whether Ski Boot Bags Are Considered Oversized for Air Travel?

Not only do they provide the perfect fit, but with a few exceptions (like if your bag is too heavy or bulky), there won't be any additional costs associated with checking them in as a carry on.

What to Consider Before Choosing Your Ski Gear Boot Bag?

There are lots of things to consider while choosing a ski travel bag or ski boot bag following:

  • There are many interior pocket on backpacks and duffel bags, which can be used to store items like phones or beanies. The most common type of external pockets is the zippered one; it's usually lined with fleece material so that your belongings don't get scratched when in storage.
  • Many models feature additional features such as a side boot closing compartment and tarp-lined boot compartment (for storing winter gear), attachments at shoulder height perfect for carrying loads over one’s shoulders while hiking, etc.
  • The size of your bag will dictate what you can fit in it. The most popular sizes are between 40 and 70 liters for ski bags, with large-capacity models capable of carrying virtually all your gear on one trip!  To find out if this is right for you, there are some things you should consider first: How much equipment do you want? And which type do you prefer (all gear including skis?)? Once these questions have been answered, then finding an appropriate sized storage solution becomes a lot easier.  
  • The exterior features of a bag are often what determine its carrying style. Most models come with a shoulder strap and one or two hand grips, which can be fixed or removable depending on your preference for how much weight you need to carry.
  • Choose one made out of nylon or polyester fabric.  These materials provide high levels of durability, so you don't have to worry about breaking down halfway through an adventure.
  • The boot compartment needs an efficient ventilation and drainage system so that moisture cannot sneak into the rest of your gear. Having this in the main compartment helps remove snow and water from this area while also preventing mold or other pests from crawling onto your boots in wet conditions.
  • The array of colors available for ski bags is vast, with black being the most popular. While this color will never dirty or get old looking after heavy use like other hues might do over time, it's also less likely to be spotted by baggage handlers and airport security if it goes missing.  
  • Zippers are an essential part of your belongings, so they must be strong and durable. Security zips should have the capability to withstand pressure while being able to resist jerks or pulls from other objects hanging on them.

The Right Ski Boots Bag for You

In conclusion, having the right ski boot bag is essential for anyone looking to hit the slopes this season. With this list of the 5 best boot bags, you can find the perfect one for you. With features like waterproof fabric and specialized pockets, these bags are sure to keep your gear safe and secure while on the go. So grab your ski boots, pick out a bag,  and go make some some memories!

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