Looking for an edge on the court?

Check out our list of the best basketball shoes for jumping higher! We’ve featured all the latest and greatest models so you can dominate your opponents.

With the right shoes, you’ll be able to jump higher than ever before and get that extra height to allow you to slam dunk like a pro.

Read on to choose the right pair of basketball shoes and wow on the court!

How We Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

At Retail Buyers Guide, we don't mess around when it comes to finding the best basketball shoe for jumping. We read through thousands of reviews and star ratings from the people who use them, so you can rest assured that you'll pick out something that provides great comfort and heightens explosive power.

We spend far too much time poring over customer feedback to make sure that every pair we recommend lives up to our standards. While we would have liked a magical solution to finding the best shoes, it just doesn't exist – it takes hard work and dedication to find out exactly which are the ideal jumping shoes.

But by keeping your safety and overall performance in mind, we make sure you only get the best value for your money!

Top 5 Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Dunking

#5: Score - 8.8/10

adidas Unisex Adult Dame Basketball Shoe

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Why We Love Them

If jumping higher is a priority for you, then you’ll definitely want to look into the adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 8 signature shoe!

Not only does this pair of shoes come in a wide variety of stylish colorways, but it also features adidas' innovative BOUNCE Pro cushioning system for optimal support and energy return. It has the famous herringbone traction pattern, which is extremely beneficial for sudden stops and quick changes of direction.

Another great feature of this shoe is that it's flexible enough for your foot to move naturally. The overall design is very comfortable and offers premium support, so it'll help you jump higher in no time.

It's among the top choices available today for basketball shoes designed to boost your vertical. It’s no wonder it has made our list – with its lightweight design, comfortable fit, and bounce-back cushioning technology, this shoe is sure to help your feet defy gravity!

What You Should Know

When you need to conquer the court, don't worry – just lace up your Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 8 Basketball Shoe and get ready for an extraordinary playing experience.

With its secure lacing system, flexible cushioning, and stiff yet supportive upper, this shoe is perfect for both indoor and outdoor basketball. Bounce foam energizing provides lightweight stability and responsiveness so you can move with powerful confidence.

Comfort is key with its molded heel counter that holds your foot comfortably in place while allowing the heel to move naturally throughout a game. Don't overlook the iconic details like the signature Dame logo on the tongue tab.

It's time to meet your match - because with the adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 8 Basketball Shoes, there will never be a game you won't win.

#4: Score - 8.9/10

PEAK Lou Williams Lightning Men's Basketball Shoes

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Why We Love Them

The PEAK Lou Williams Lightning Men's Basketball Shoes are a great choice for athletes who want to make their vertical jump look like lightning striking the court.

The classic design of the shoes might be familiar to some players, having been worn by NBA Pro Lou Williams himself before they rose in popularity as among the best shoes for jumping higher. With a combination of superior cushioning and lateral stability, you'll feel supported and unstoppable on the court.

Add these trustworthy trainers to your closet and watch the highlights start rolling in!

Because the shoes have a stylish design, they will keep you looking sharp while giving you extra spring in your jump. This high-grade performance sneaker also features breathable components, providing the best experience for all basketball players.

Whether you need a competitive edge on the court or want to impress your friends, pick up the PEAK Lou Williams Lightning Men's Basketball Shoe, and make your next move as sure-footed as lightning!

What You Should Know

The PEAK Lou Williams Lightning Men's Basketball Shoes should be on your radar! These feature-packed shoes offer everything you need for a top-notch performance: sleek design, impact protection, a lockdown fit, cushioning midsole, non-marking rubber outsole for good traction, and maximum airflow to keep your feet cool.

Additionally, the strategically placed flex grooves provide enhanced flexibility and agility during every cut and twist you make. Not to mention, they come in many sleek colorways, so you can look athletic and feel confident as you play.

With a mid-top design that offers extra ankle stability and improved control, you can be sure to hit greater heights on the court. You no longer have to worry about “sole searching” to find that edge.

Whether you're a pro or an amateur baller taking it up a notch, these shoes will help you stay on top of your game. Nothing beats owning a pair of shoes that understands the challenges of an intense match like PEAK Lou Williams Lightning Men's Basketball Shoes.

#3: Best Jumping Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Nike Air Monarch IV Basketball Shoes - 9.0/10

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Why We Love Them

Number 3 on our list of the best shoes for jumping higher might just be the all-around champion of the basketball court.

With the Nike Air Monarch IV, you’re sure to bring your jump game to a whole new level - and you don’t just have to take it from us, because basketball superstars such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James are known fans of the iconic, low-top design.

The Nike Air Monarch IV may not be flashy, but they sure do get the job done, especially if you have wide feet and require impact protection. An old faithful, these shoes provide shock absorption and great support, making it easy to really feel grounded and ready to take on those big jumps.

With a lighter weight than their predecessors, they can also offer you an extra boost when you’re out on (or off!) the court. Though they may not be cool enough for the latest fashion trends taking Instagram by storm, who wants to look fashionable when your vertical jump could use a little extra life?

For unparalleled flex, impact protection, cushioning, and a signature style that’s sure to make its mark on or off the court, add this shoe to your next shopping list. It’s a slam dunk!

What You Should Know

With four times the cushioning of the original Air Monarch, this shoe is supportive and comfortable enough for all your activities on the court.

These stylish shoes come with a supportive midsole with encapsulated Air-Sole unit, a durable and lightweight leather upper (which is superior to synthetic upper),  and a padded foam collar and tongue for comfort. The rubber outsole provides great traction during intense games and training sessions, while the iconic Nike swoosh logo adds a timeless touch to any look.

The only downside is they are not the best option for you if you are looking for a narrow design - they're made for wide feet!

Nike Air Monarch IV basketball shoes are for anyone looking to hit game-winning shots while maintaining their park cred.  Put simply, these shoes let you enjoy all the modern comfort with a classic design: what's not to love?

#2: Best Budget Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Beita Men's Basketball Shoes - 9.2/10

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Why We Love Them

If you want to jump higher on a budget, Beita's got your back—or rather, your feet. The Beita Men's Basketball Shoes landed on the 2nd spot on our list as they have the right tech and design to help you elevate beyond the competition.

Whether you’re headed to a pick-up game or competing in the big league, these shoes provide a lightweight cushioning system to reduce the impact on hard indoor and outdoor courts, especially during hard landings. Aside from impact protection, the shoes offer ankle support for agile start-stop maneuvers.

You know a strong, reliable grip on the court is a must-have, and Beita's traction game is impressive. These shoes are like having your very own octopus onboard, as they give athletes the incredible freedom of keeping control regardless of how slippery the court gets.

And if that wasn't enough, they come at an affordable price, too, so that your bank account can keep jumping even after you've left the court.

What You Should Know

If you think your feet could use a near-professional basketball experience, what more could you demand than Beita Men's Basketball Shoe? High-performing, stylishly designed, and affordable, these shoes give you the better grip and bounce needed to boost your game.

Beita Men's Basketball Shoes boast a range of jaw-dropping features. For starters, the shoes come with an ultra-lightweight construction yet are built to last and provide additional support.

The breathable design prevents ugly sweat marks from appearing on the exterior, hence adding to their aesthetic qualities. On top of all this, their Flexible Insole Cushioning Technology allows for greater agility during games or practice.

With the men's basketball shoe from Beita, you're sure to take your game up a notch!

#1: Best Overall Basketball Shoes for Jumping

PEAK Lou Williams Streetball Master - 9.5/10

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Why We Love Them

It's time for #1! The PEAK Lou Williams Streetball Master is undoubtedly the MVP of the best basketball shoes.

Jumping higher in style is a guarantee with this pair, as it features a sleek high-top design and signature styling that speaks to the streetball aficionado in all of us.

This shoe proves its worth with a combination of maximum cushion and great responsiveness - giving you just the right amount of kick and bounce that you need to make those spectacular plays.

Not to mention the shoes come in ​a plethora​ of colors so you can look sharp while you’re flying by your opponents. The Streetball Master is number one on our list for helping players unleash their inner MVP; now all that’s missing is your winning shot!

If your mission is to take flight on the court, look no further than the PEAK Lou Williams Streetball Master.

What You Should Know

When it comes to getting height on your jumps, PEAK Lou Williams Streetball Master basketball shoes are the way to go! Featuring a patented air cushioning system, an external heel counter, and comprehensive torsional arch support, these shoes help you propel yourself upwards with every step.

If you're all about going up for that monster dunk, then you'll love these shoes' combination of lightweight construction and added cushioning designed to give you maximum performance when jumping.

Their lightweight design makes them extremely comfortable—you'll easily forget they're even there when you jump!

And don't worry about visiting the court after a rain shower—these shoes have grip-enhancing technology that will keep you grounded and give you the extra edge in any weather conditions.

The range of available colorways means you can always look stylish while effortlessly flying through the air during games and jumping exercises! Don't dawdle - get some PEAK Lou Williams' revolutionary streetball shoes today and experience a jump like never before.

FAQs on The Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Basketball players know that the best shoes for jumping are essential for taking their game to the next level. There is a lot to consider when it comes to finding a great shoe. There are also many great options - it can be hard to choose!

We'll address the most frequently asked questions surrounding the best b-ball shoes for dunking and jumping, so you'll be able to find the perfect pair and jump higher on the court!

Are There Shoes That Help You Jump Higher?

If your goal is to get up in the air, you need the best basketball shoes for jumping with cushioning, adequate impact protection, grippy traction pattern, and arch and ankle support.

It is important to look for a combination of comfort and control since the ability to quickly change direction can mean the difference between success and failure on dusty courts.

You don't need to break the bank either; there are plenty of high-quality options that won't dent your wallet while providing an extra bounce and excellent support (such as the ones featured above).

And keep in mind that while they may last a few years of jumping exercises and matches on dusty outdoor courts, eventually even the best sneakers wear down - so plan on periodically upgrading your gear if you want to stay at the top of your game.

Do Shoes Affect Jump Height?

While many believe the best shoes for jumping to be just as good as other shoes, there are special features that these shoes contain that make for an impressive jump in both height and style.

They have the increased padding and cushioning required to give you the best lift off the ground.

Whether you want to take a monster dunk or impress your friends with an alley-oop slam, the right basketball shoes are sure to help you fly high above the competition. So do they really affect jump height? Yes, they do - in more ways than one!

What Increases Jumping Height of a Basketball Shoe?

Basketball is a game of inches and the way you put extra inches between you and the opponent's reach can determine the outcome of a play. The secret? Well, a great pair of basketball shoes. Look for these features when deciding on new pairs of shoes for dunking or jumping higher:

Forefoot Cushioning

The best shoes that improve jumping performance also provide ample cushioning to the front foot, allowing it to take any impact from a dunk or alley-oop attempt. This will prevent long-term injuries like foot and ankle sprains.

Midfoot Support

You'll need a good grip on your basketball shoe so you can push off for that jump shot or leap for the rebound. This is what this feature is for - to make sure you don't skid, slip or fall on your jump.

Outsole Traction

The right basketball shoes should provide you with good traction, allowing you to gain horizontal speed and change direction quickly while jumping. This is especially important if you're playing on a gym court where there may be obstacles that require sudden movements - or even in an outdoor court where slippery conditions or debris are a concern.

Ankle padding

The ankles have the highest risk of injury in basketball games and so ankle padding is essential. Good ankle support will help you make those high flying shots or blocks while keeping you on your feet and out of the hospital.

Arch support

Basketball shoes shouldn't be flimsy as they'll need to offer adequate support for making hard cuts and keep your foot in place while running. They should have adequate arch support to give you the right push and keep you comfortable on long games.

All these features have an impact on your jumping height. If your shoes lack any or all of these key features, that block attempt will likely be thrown down in your face.

Of course, there are other factors that come into play too – such as overall fitness levels — but having a good supportive sole on those sneakers goes a long way when you’re trying to throw it down in style!

Does Shoe Size Matter for Attaining a Higher Vertical Jump?

Shoe size is incredibly important because your foot should fit properly inside the shoe, giving you plenty of support while jumping. Many players opt for larger shoes in order to increase comfort, but that can lead to instability and reduce jumping height. So even if you're looking for a pair of shoes for dunking and jumping, it's important to get your size right.

What is the Perfect Shoe Height for Dunking?

While every player and situation is different, generally speaking, the ideal shoe height will be one that gives you enough stability and support on landings so that you can focus on pushing off when going for a dunk.

If you're jumping from a height, this means finding shoes with the maximum cushioning and stability that can keep your foot in place without feeling too heavy. Alternately, if you're performing one-foot high jumps, then it's all about lightness and shock absorption!

Jumping Shoes for Basketball: Our Advice For YOU

If you're an aspiring basketball player and you play on indoor and outdoor basketball courts, then having a good pair of shoes for jumping can make all the difference.

Whether it's boosting your vertical to dunk like Michael Jordan or making those game-winning shots from behind the three-point line, the right shoes are absolutely essential.

Remember to choose the right support, secure fit, and quality when looking for a pair of basketball shoes. No matter what your style of play, the shoes featured above, especially the great all-around performer PEAK Lou Williams Streetball Master will help you go for those high-flying slams and long-range shots! Check them out and let us know what you think.

Good luck on the court!​ ​​​​

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