If you’re looking for the best outdoor pickleball balls to take your game to the next level, you're in luck!

We’ve got you covered with our in-depth review of the top pickleball balls on the market today. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the perfect set of pickleballs to take your game to new heights. Trust us – we know what we’re talking about when it comes to pickleball!

Read on to buy the perfect set of pickleballs for your next game!

How We Choose the Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls

We know that you take your pickleball seriously, and that’s why we’ve done all the research for you. Tens of thousands of reviews on Amazon later, we’ve determined which balls are the best for games!

Now all you have to do is choose your favorite color and order a few dozen – because you’re going to want to be playing with the best balls out there.

Once you try these bad boys, you won’t go back to those old ones you were using before!

The Best Pickleball Balls for Outdoors 2023

#5: A11N S40 Pickleball Balls

Score: 9.0/10

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Top Advantage: Offers a good bounce and reliable spin

Top Disadvantage: Some found air bubbles within the material

What We Love

With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, the A11N S40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls make our top five list for best outdoor pickleballs. These balls offer great visibility with their bright neon green colour, perfect for increased game speeds and longer rallies.

The strength contribute to the popularity of the S40s; designed to last a long time during even the most intense pickleball games. With this set, players can expect a good bounce and reliable spin, ideal for all levels of play - from beginners to advanced.

Overall, the United States Amateur Pickleball Association (USAPA)-approved A11N S40 Outdoor Ball for Pickleball is a ball that offers excellent performance with unbeatable value!

What You Should Know

A11N S40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls have been a favorite among players, with many users citing their excellent performance and exceptional outdoor use.

These are specifically designed to be used on outdoor court surfaces, and combine lightweight construction with an ideal bounce so that players can develop their skill level despite the inconsequential air bubbles within the material.

Reviews also point to the extremely low levels of sound the A11N S40 Balls make when colliding with a pickleball paddle as another benefit of using them for outdoor games. Players appreciate this feature as it allows them to stay focused on the game without having to worry about disturbing their neighbors or other people in the area.

With these qualities combined, you can understand why A11N S40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls have become some of the most sought-after balls for any pickleball enthusiast.

#4: PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs

Score: 9.1/10

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Top Advantage: Allows powerful shots

Top Disadvantage: Seller sometimes sends the wrong ball type

What We Love

If you're looking for an outdoor pickleball ball that stands out from the crowd, the PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs could be the perfect choice.

These optic yellow balls are not only bright and eye-catching, they also offer incredible control in the air and on the court thanks to their hybrid design. Made with USAPA specifications, these balls feature the right size and weight for experienced players to have the maximum spin and improved accuracy when wiping powerful shots.

Thanks to their solid construction, these well-made pickleballs are built to withstand even the most competitive players. With this top-notch set of optically enhanced pickleballs, you can make sure your performance stays sharp no matter where on the court you play!

What You Should Know

PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs have achieved quite the hype among pickleball players. Thanks to their bright colors, they are easy to spot on the court, and their design reduces air turbulence and drag, which allows users to achieve excellent speed and control during tournament play.

With such a competitive edge, it's no wonder that many customers buttress their winning streaks with these top quality balls. Although there are reports of some receiving indoor ones with fewer holes rather than the type for outdoors, the seller sends a replacement right away!

From seasoned veterans of the game to enthusiastic newcomers learning the ropes, everyone sings praises of PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs - attributes range from increased visibility to long-term use.

#3: Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleballs (12 Pack)

Score: 9.3/10

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Top Advantage: Great value

Top Disadvantage: Only suitable for beginner players

What We Love

If you want to start playing pickleball without breaking the bank, you should check out Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleballs (12 Pack).

These balls offer competitive play at an affordable price point, making them a great option for beginners. Tourna Strike pickleballs are made from sturdy plastic and are highly visible, allowing for great ball visibility both on the court and in your opponent's hand.

They also bounce consistently for true spins and control. With twelve balls included, this set will help you get a pickleball game going quickly!

What You Should Know

The Tourna Strike Outdoor Pickleballs offer great value to those just getting started in pickleball. For a great price, you get pickleballs made with USAPA/IFP specifications and engineered with a unique surface texture, providing more consistent flight, better control, and less spin.

They may not be the most suitable for advanced players, but they can still stand up to the elements - they're durable enough for harsher conditions outdoors!

Whether you're playing on concrete or asphalt courts, these balls are sure to bring fun and excitement without breaking the bank.

#2: Onix Pure 2 Pickleball Balls

Score: 9.5/10

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#2. Onix Pure 2 Pickleball Balls, Score:

Top Advantage: Consistent bounce and very durable

Top Disadvantage:  More expensive

What We Love

The Onix Pure 2 Pickleball Ball Set is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a durable ball that can be used in all conditions. Thanks to its superior construction, the Onix Pure 2 offers great bounce and control while being stable enough to hold up against a wide range of court conditions.

In addition, the outer shell is designed to reduce vibration and minimize stress on your hands and arms, allowing you to enjoy your game with minimal discomfort.

Finally, their bright yellow color makes them easy to spot both on and off the court, so there's minimal guesswork when it comes to picking up the right ball!

What You Should Know

Even with the higher price, the USAPA-approved Onix Pure 2 Pickleball Ball Set has been recognized by many as one of the best outdoor balls approved for tournament play that you can use when playing outdoors.

Made with an ultra-bright color and a textured surface, these provide good visibility for matches and offer players excellent control over the ball with their non-abrasive finish.

The True Flight Technology and robust construction mean that these spheres are capable of handling tough surfaces easily. With all its helpful attributes, it's no wonder why the Onix Pure 2 Pickleball Ball Set is such a popular choice among competitive and casual players alike!

#1: Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleball Balls Outdoor

Score: 9.6/10

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#1. Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleball Balls Outdoor, Score:

Top Advantage:  Extremely durable in harsh conditions

Top Disadvantage:  Slightly more expensive than other ball sets

What We Love

If you're looking for the #1 bestseller on Amazon for outdoor balls that can also stand the test of time, look no further than the USAPA-approved Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleball Ball Outdoor Set.

These are some of the best on the market, specially designed and tested to handle high levels of momentum and intense play. The high performance of the balls are complemented by their superior quality construction, which ensures consistency over time even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Additionally, these balls provide exceptional spin and control for a premium playing experience. The Franklin X-40 Pickleball Ball Outdoor is a top choice for anyone looking for an outstanding pickleball ball that won't let you down.

What You Should Know

When it comes to pickleball balls, the Franklin X-40 outperforms the rest. Constructed with an all-weather design, these balls can outlast any other ball due to their improved durability and impressive weather resistance.

The strong core provides greater rebound, making them perfect for intense pickleball games. Other great features include reduced cracking and denting, except on really cold months. Nevertheless, they allow you to enjoy your game for a longer period of time!

It's worth mentioning that they were chosen as the US Open Pickleball Championships' official balls as they offer players enhanced control and playability. In a nutshell, if you're looking for a set of excellent pickleball balls that are made for the pros, then consider the Franklin X-40 as your go-to choice for outdoor play!

FAQs on the Best Outdoor Pickleball Ball

As you now know, there are many great pickleball balls on the market today! Still, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. To make it easier for you to make the right buying decision, we've addressed the most common questions on the best outdoor pickleballs!

Which Balls to Use for Outdoor Pickleball?

Picking the right ball for your game is essential. When playing outdoors, you want to find a durable ball that can stand up to the elements while providing consistent performance and spin.

It's also important to consider if you are playing on a hard, medium-paced court or one that is soft and slow. Higher-quality balls are typically made with a thicker construction, which provides greater durability and helps maintain bounce even in rough environmental conditions.

Pickleball players commonly use balls designed for outdoor use that have coloring and markings so they can easily be distinguished while playing multiple games. Ultimately, when searching for the perfect ball, look for lightweight materials combined with thick construction and vibrant colors.

Is There a Difference Between Indoor Balls and Outdoor Pickleball Balls?

Pickleball offers a great blend of isometric exercise, strategy, and fun. But did you know that pickleballs have different qualities? Outdoor pickleball balls are usually heavier, and the plastic is thicker, which allows for increased durability.

The smaller holes aid in stabilization in windy weather conditions, enabling players to maintain their accuracy. Because of this, the ball comes off the paddle faster and harder than indoor balls do.

What Color are Outdoor Pickle Balls?

Taking part in outdoor tournaments for pickleball is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine. For experienced players, yellow, hot pink, and green are available. Since pickleball can be played outside, it's important that the balls you choose be able to stand up to the elements, as mentioned earlier.

Yellow ones can handle ultraviolet rays better than many other colors and they keep their vibrant color longer than other picks.

Neons show up better against bright skies or in shady areas, while oranges are perfect if you're looking for something that stands out on the court without being too glaringly bright.

Some players swear by white as the best pickleball choice because it has excellent visibility whether playing on grass, clay, or indoors.

How Often Should You Replace Outdoor and Indoor Pickleball Balls?

It's almost impossible to determine the exact amount of time a pickleball will last,  as every game has different variables.

Hotter days or colder nights; heavier players or lighter competitors; the energy and momentum of that day's match - all of these elements make it difficult to say exactly how many rounds a single ball can go.

However, the general consensus for outdoor and indoor ball life is 3-5 games - it's your best bet for full performance. If you want to challenge your rival in top condition, then switch out your balls after a few sets. The good news is that pickleballs are incredibly affordable, meaning you can keep on switching them out for ultimate success.

How Do You Pick Outdoor Pickleballs?

Selecting a pickleball can be a daunting task. Ball selection depends largely on skill level, but there are other important factors to consider. Keep these essential buying tips in mind:

1. Consider your skill level.

When choosing indoor and outdoor balls, it's crucial to consider your skill level. If you're a beginner, you'll want to choose a ball that is relatively soft and forgiving. If you're more advanced, you may want to choose a harder ball that will give you more control over your shots.

2.  Reflect on the type of surface you will be playing on.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a pickleball is the type of surface you will be playing on, whether it's a soft or hard surface. If you will be playing on a hard, smooth surface, you will want to choose a pickleball that is designed for it.

Pickleballs that are designed for hard courts outside instead of indoor play have a harder outer shell, which helps to prevent them from bouncing too high.

If you will be playing on a soft court, such as grass, you will want to choose a pickleball that is designed for that surface. Pickleballs that are designed for soft courts have a softer outer shell, which helps to prevent them from bouncing too high.

3. Consider the climate.

Another factor to consider when choosing pickleballs is the climate. If you live in an area with hot summers, you'll want to choose a ball that doesn't get too soft in the heat. Conversely, if you live in an area with cold winters, you'll want to choose a ball that doesn't get too hard or break in the cold.

4.  Identify the material the pickleball is made from.

Pickleballs are typically made from one of three materials: plastic, rubber, or composite. Plastic pickleballs are the cheapest option and are typically used for recreational play. Rubber pickleballs are more expensive than plastic pickleballs but are more durable and have better bounce properties. Composite pickleballs are the most expensive option, in general, but offer the best combination of durability and performance.

5.  Find out the weight of the pickleball.

Pickleballs typically come in two different weights: light and heavy. Light pickleballs weigh between 0.75 ounces and 1 ounce and are typically used by beginners or players with slower swing speeds. Heavy pickleballs weigh between 1 ounce and 1.25 ounces and are typically used by advanced players or players with faster swing speeds.

6.  Choose the color of the pickleball.

Pickleballs come in a variety of colors, but the most popular colors are orange and yellow. They are both easier to see on a court.

7. Set your budget.

Of course, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing outdoor pickleballs is your budget. Pickleballs can range in price from around $2 per ball to over $100 per ball. It's important to find a ball that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Our Advice on the Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls for YOU

Understanding what makes a great ball for outdoor play is critical to enjoying the sport. With our ultimate guide on outdoor pickleball balls, you're now equipped to make an informed decision on which ones are most suitable for your needs and preferences.

Our top pick is the Franklin Sports X-40. Each piece is guaranteed to have a great bounce and will stay in play on any surface, whether it be an outdoor court or driveway. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to help players keep track of their ball during play.

Another great option is the Onix Pure 2 Pickleball Balls. This ball makes it easy to control it even at higher speeds.

Ultimately, the best pickleball balls for an outdoor court will depend on your personal preferences.

Purchase your set of outdoor pickleball balls today!

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