Ready to take your pickleball game up a notch?

Of course, you are - and we can help with that! We’ve found the best bags for amateur and serious pickleball players, perfect for storing all your gear and keeping you organized on the court.

Remember that having the right gear is essential to your success and ultimate enjoyment of the sport. With the high-quality pickleball bags we've featured in our list, you’ll have plenty of room to store everything you need, from your pickleball paddle and balls to your water bottle and snacks.

Check out our top picks and buying tips so that you can be game day ready!

How We Choose the Best Pickleball Sport Bags

Choosing the best bags can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but here at Retail Buyers' Guide, we take it very seriously. Before making any recommendations, we conduct extensive research on all versatile bag models currently available on the market.

Our team reads through tens of thousands of reviews to gather information on customer satisfaction, quality of materials, overall durability, and various other factors.

With this data in hand, our experts are able to make informed decisions regarding which bags earn the highest ratings from customers and should ultimately be recommended for purchase.

We strive to only feature the highest quality, most durable products with top ratings so that all pickleball players can benefit from our recommendations!

So without further ado, here are the....

The Best Pickleball Sports Bags For The Money 2023

#5: LLYWCM Pickleball Bag

Score: 8.9/10

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Top Advantage: Deep compartments

Top Disadvantage: Poor load carrying capacity

What We Love

Kicking off the list of the best pickleball bag options on the market today, the LLYWCM Bag features one main compartment with a separate pocket for holding paddles (large enough to carry a laptop) and smaller zippered storage areas for other game essentials.

This seemingly small bag is spacious enough to keep all of your essential items as you travel to and from the court, yet lightweight enough to be comfortable carrying it around.

The back of the bag includes an air mesh panel for breathability. You'll also appreciate the reversible shoulder straps that allow you to wear the bag either on your right or left shoulder, making it easy to bring wherever your game takes you.

In short, this bag has all the features you could want in the perfect pickleball bag, making it an easy number five on our list!

What You Should Know

The LLYWCM Bag is a great choice for pickleball enthusiasts who want both superior storage capabilities and easy portability.

This roomy bag includes several compartments with mesh dividers, so you can organize your pickleball supplies however makes the most sense to you.

Its lightweight yet solid construction guarantees that the bag will stand up to the wear and tear of playing and traveling with pickleball gear so that you can focus on the game instead of worrying about damage to your bag.

With style and convenience combined, this bag certainly deserves its place at number five on our list of best bags for pickleball.

#4: Athletico Sling Bag Style

Score: 9.2/10

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Top Advantage: Offers plenty of storage

Top Disadvantage: Not intended for abuse

What We Love

Coming in at number 4 is the Athletico Sling Bag. It looks like a modern piece of art, but it's certainly a trusty companion. If you're looking for style and function together in one place, this bag is definitely a good choice. With its roomy main compartment, sleek exterior, and industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee, it's no surprise that this bag has become a staple amongst pickleballers.

Plus, with an adjustable strap and lightweight body, Athletico made sure that you can get to and from your game in comfort and style. This may not be the most durable option on our list, but they are definitely worth it for the price! Don't knock it 'til you've tried it - because we think you'll love the Athletico Sling Bag to put on rotation!

What You Should Know

This little number comes with multiple, very spacious pockets, built-in beverage holder and a main storage compartment - all at an affordable price. It's even got an adjustable and reversible shoulder strap so that you can make sure it fits snugly as you run, jump and dive to make those incredible shots.

Plus - the sling bag has an anti-theft pocket at the back! Who said packing up your stuff had to be risky? Not us! You'll be sure to love sporting this bag on the court.

So if you're on the hunt for the latest addition to your pickleball ensemble, then get yourself one of these snazzy sling/crossbody bags right away!

#3: Sucipi Pickleball Bag

Score: 9.4/10

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Top Advantages: Waterproof and durable

Top Disadvantage: Lacks internal pockets

What We Love

The Sucipi Bag offers more than meets the eye. Not only does it come with 5 compartments to store all your pickleball essentials, but its cool design stands out from the crowd – much like a pickleball ace on the court!

For maximum protection and comfort while carrying, it also has foam-lined walls and straps. We love the fact that it has a nylon lining, which means it is waterproof and durable! Not only that as the extra thick, anti-abrasion, and tear-resistant material is also paired with heavy-duty metal zippers! If you're looking for durability in a bag, this is a good choice.

What You Should Know

The Sucipi Bag may just be the pick of the litter when it comes to bags. Users have been raving about its durability and portability, with each praising its slim design that doesn’t require unnecessary bulk.

It has several spacious compartments that make organizing your paddles and accessories a breeze, while a rugged bottom section is perfect for handling everything else you need as you head out to the court.

Not to mention its range of color options make it a style statement too! With amazing reviews, it looks like Sucipi is doing something right.

#2: ErPils Pickleball Bag & Paddle Set

Score: 9.5/10

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Top Advantage: Offers a complete set for playing with family and friends

Top Disadvantage: Minimal storage capacity besides what's included in the set

What We Love

Number 2 on our list is a truly unique option, as it is a bag that comes complete with everything you need to start a match! It sports an impressive set of paddles, balls, towels, and carrying bag. The bag itself features a straightforward design for organization and a heavy-duty zipper closure to keep everything secure.

The paddles use new composite technologies for boosted power and spin, while the balls provide consistent bounciness and durability.

Lastly, the included towels are both soft and absorbent, allowing you to quickly clean off sweat or debris from your hands during the match. This complete collection of pickleball equipment offers a wide range of functionality that will ensure you stay ahead of the court game at all times.

What You Should Know

If pickleball is your passion, then the ErPils Bag & Paddle Set is a must-have. Users testify that this complete set gives them all the supplies they need to hold their own on the court.

This pick in our list of the best bags is undoubtedly a steal. Not only will you get an incredibly designed bag to transport your gear, but you'll also receive high-quality paddles with fiberglass surface and polymer honeycomb core, high-performing balls, and cooling towels.

These gear are all top-of-the-line for both amateur and professional players alike. Whether you're playing tournament-level games or just out with friends on the court, this special package will have everyone wishing they had thought of it first.

With a quick glance at the bag and what's inside, players know that they are looking at a setup composed of reliable materials and craftsmanship.

#1: Franklin Pickleball Bag

Score: 9.7/10

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Top Advantage: Official bag of the US Open Pickleball Championships

Top Disadvantage: Phone pocket is too small

What We Love

Number 1 on our list of the best bags is none other than the Franklin Bag that's specifically made for the pickleball pro! This real peachy keen bag is used by the pros at the US Open Pickleball Championships and ensures your most prized equipment makes it to every match in style.

With one main compartment and multiple separate compartments, you can store 6 paddles at the same time--no more fiddling and juggling multiple bags. The adjustable strap allows the bag to be snug on the shoulder, making early morning trips to the court just a little bit less stressful.

Whether you're hitting up a friendly tournament or hustling for an intense game, let this bag do the heavy lifting for you!

What You Should Know

This bag is no two-bit player—it’s made with super durable polyester material and even has zippered exterior pockets for storage. Oh, and did we mention it's tournament-approved? You’ll be able to take all your gear to court in one go and trust that it will deliver!

And the cost? It is very reasonable for its premium quality! It is dual-padded and constructed of high-quality materials, but it is surprisingly lightweight. It's certainly labeled Amazon's Choice for a good reason.

All-in-all, this bag scored major points with us and gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

FAQs on the Best Bags for Pickleball

Searching for the best bag style and type can be a daunting task, with tons of styles, designs, and sizes to choose from. As there's such a wide selection, it’s hard to know which one is going to fit your needs.

That’s why researching FAQs on the best pickleball sports bags should always be an important part of your mission. It will give you important information like what type of material is available so you can get durable pickleball gear that doesn’t weigh down your back; or what type is considered ideal for bringing multiple paddles and balls.

When it comes to finding the perfect bag for pickleball, knowledge truly is power, so read on - we've answered the most commonly asked questions on the bags for this competitive sport!

What Should I Pack in My Pickleball Duffle Bag?

When it comes to playing pickleball, the saying 'it's all in the bag' has never been more true. Make sure you pack everything you need and nothing you don't with a well-stocked bag - it'll make all the difference between an ace game and a dilly of a time.

Of course, your paddle is non-negotiable, so chuck that in first and foremost. Then, always remember to keep an extra can of balls at hand, as there's nothing worse than running out mid-game.

Don't forget a water bottle to stay hydrated when playing under the sun either. Last but not least, you can never go wrong with packing plenty of towels, as you'll need them!

What is the Difference Between a Gym Bag and a Pickleball Bag?

When it comes to carrying around your training gear or pickleball equipment, the devil's in the details. A stylish gym or workout bag is designed to fit all kinds of fitness equipment and clothing, while a bag for pickleball is specifically tailored for this fast-growing paddle sport.

Think of the workout bag as an all-purpose carrier - you can use it to haul around anything from kettlebells to sneakers; a bag for pickleball, on the other hand, will keep all your pickleball essentials secure, such as paddles and balls.

In other words, if you are serious about pickleball - go for a dedicated bag: packing your gear in a trusty (and stylish) bag will save you time and hassle.

Why Buy a Good Pickleball Bag?

A pickleball sports bag is a must-have for any serious player. Not only does it help organize all of your gear, but it also shows off your passion in style.

Plus, you can use the extra sections to bring snacks and drinks for when you need a quick energy boost during an intense match!

What kind of pickleballer runs around town with all their gear stuffed into a school backpack? No one, that's who! Investing in a quality bag is an easy way to up your game and look like a pro on the court.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Pickleball Bag?

With the immense popularity of pickleball, it's no surprise that there are virtually limitless options when it comes to storing and carrying your gear.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert pickleball enthusiast, choosing the best bag for your needs requires some thought. Follow these tips as they can help narrow down the options:

1. Consider your budget

An important factor to consider when choosing a bag is your budget. Pickleball bags can range in price from around $30 to $100, so it’s important to find one that fits within your price range. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality bag; there are plenty of affordable options on the market that will serve you well.

2. Think about storage

When choosing a bag, it’s important to think about storage. You’ll want to make sure that the bag has enough space to organize all of your gear, including multiple paddles, balls, and any other accessories you may need. Some bags even have compartments specifically designed for holding water bottles or snacks, which can be handy during long games or tournaments.

3. Choose a bag with comfortable straps

Another thing to look for when choosing a bag is comfortable straps. You’ll be carrying your bag around with you, so it’s important that the straps don’t dig into your shoulders or cause any discomfort. Padded straps can be especially helpful in this regard, as they help to distribute the weight of the bag more evenly across your body.

4. Look for a durable bag

When choosing a bag, it’s important to look for one that is well-made. This is especially important if you plan on using your bag frequently or taking it with you on trips where it may be subject to rough handling.

5. Consider the warranty

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a bag is the warranty. Most reputable brands offer some sort of warranty on their products, so if something goes wrong with your bag within a certain time frame, you should be able to get it replaced or repaired at no cost. This can be extremely helpful if you end up with a defective product, so it’s definitely something worth considering when making your purchase.

Our Advice on the Top Pickleball Bags For YOU

Having the right bag can be a game changer.

If you choose the right bag, it can make all the difference in how comfortable and convenient your experience is on the court. To save yourself hassle, trust our team that did extensive research so you don't have to! After some careful consideration, we've found the all-star bag that caters to any player's style is the Franklin Pickleball Bag!

This bag is a great choice for any pickleball player, no matter your skill or experience level. It's made from high-quality materials and features multiple compartments to store all of your gear. It also has comfortable, padded straps that help to distribute the weight of the bag more evenly, which is a huge plus for long games or outdoor tournaments.

Other top choices include ErPils Bag Set and Sucipi Bag. Whichever option you choose, we know that you'll have a great pickleball experience with one of these top-quality bags!

Happy shopping!

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