Have you ever wished that you could keep playing soccer in the dark?

Well, now there’s a solution! With the best light-up soccer balls, you can extend your playtime long after the sun sets. Our guide will show you everything from how to choose the right light-up ball and size for your needs, to brightness and more.

Now it's time for you to make some memories - and mess around with friends on the pitch - even when it gets dark outside. Get ready cause things are about to get lit!

How We Choose the Best Light Up Soccer Ball

When it comes to finding the best quality light up soccer ball, we take our research very seriously.

We understand that we are dealing with a product that is frequented by children and families alike, so the highest quality materials and safe construction of the ball is paramount for us when selecting which ones to feature.

To ensure this, we spend a great deal of time and effort going through thousands of reviews on Amazon. This gives us an understanding of which light up balls are most popular with customers, as well as any negative feedback which can help inform our decision-making process in relation to safety and quality.

We never settle for anything less than the absolute best light up soccer ball on the market, ensuring users always experience maximum enjoyment whilst also keeping them secure in their use of battery-powered products.

So without further ado, here are the best light-up soccer ball to start enjoying games all night long:

Score Big with the Best Light-Up Soccer Balls for Any Level of Play

#5: Nightball LED Light Up Soccer Ball

Score: 9.4/10

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Top Advantage: Inflates to official ball size and weight

Top Disadvantage: No pump included

What We Love

Light up the night while practicing soccer with the NightBall LED Light Up Ball. This high-quality and durable product is designed to last long and handle all your kicks and passes without incident. It's made from BPA-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, and toxin-free TPR material for complete safety and comfort.

Your soccer fan will love having fun on the field during the evening hours with this handy light up ball. Featuring built-in LED lights that illuminate in the dark for maximum visibility, it can inflate to official size and weight, similar to a regular FIFA soccer ball to experience real practice conditions without compromising quality or performance. The NightBall Soccer Ball makes an ideal present for kids, teens, and young adults who love soccer!

What You Should Know

The Nightball LED Light Up Soccer Ball is, without a doubt, one of the best light-up balls available on the market today. It is number 5 on our list of the top light-up balls, and rightly so. It combines great technology with fun and innovative design to create an exceptional ball that is perfect for all ages!

Furthermore, this ball comes with an automatic off switch which ensures long-lasting battery life. So, no matter if you are playing in daylight or darkness, the NightBall Soccer Ball shines bright! Additionally, this particular model has superior grip technology, making it easier to dribble and maneuver.

With its amazing features and benefits, it's no wonder why the Nightball LED Light Up Soccer Ball is one of our top favorites on the list. Take note: the product doesn't come with a pump, but it arrives inflated.

#4: MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Soccer Ball

Score: 9.4/10

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Top Advantage: Doesn't require batteries

Top Disadvantage: Outer layer peels off after some time

What We Love

MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Soccer Ball is number 4 on our list of the best light-up balls for good reason.

This soccer ball features a new fluorescent material making the glow even brighter and longer! It doesn't require batteries either; after being exposed to sunshine, it can keep glowing continuously for over 4 hours—the longer and more intense the light, the brighter and more prolonged the effect.

Not only that, but this MILACHIC ball is made with premium PU leather that's both eco-friendly and durable at the same time. Its 100% nylon windings also make sure it has an excellent bounciness! And thanks to its machine-sewing technology that ensures a long lasting use, you know this ball will keep aglow whatever your skills bring.

What You Should Know

Many players love MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Soccer Ball, which is on our list of the best light-up balls. Number four on the list, it could well be a favorite of any soccer player looking to up their game with some extra fun and excitement. It is designed to allow you to use it after dark without having to worry about losing the ball in the dark or even changing the batteries.

This luminous ball is also made with extra grip, perfect for maximum control and impressive dribbling skills that can help improve your game mastery. There have been a few comments  about the outer layer peeling off after months of use.

Nevertheless, hundreds of other users and expert players left great reviews, so it’s not difficult to see why this low-cost option can be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to take their playing experience up a notch or two.

#3: NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Soccer Ball

Score: 9.6/10

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Top Advantage: Pump and battery packs included

Top Disadvantage:  Doesn't shine very bright

What We Love

The battery-powered NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Soccer Ball is number three on our list of the best light-up balls, and it doesn't disappoint! With two impact activated LEDs built into the ball for maximum visibility in the dark and water resistance for outdoor games, this soccer ball is perfect for any nighttime kickaround.

Plus, with different sizes available, you'll be able to find one that works best for your needs. Enjoy a round of glowing soccer fun with ease and convenience; unpack the NIGHTMATCH LED ball, inflate it with the pump that comes with the package, and start playing right away since all the necessary accessories are included even extra batteries!

Bringing lots of laughter and joy to nighttime games with loved ones, this high-quality light up soccer ball won't let you down!

What You Should Know

Players often have strong opinions when it comes to the best soccer ball, and the NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Soccer Ball is often at the top of their list. Those who have tried this high-quality ball know that it performs well, giving them superior feel and control.

While it's always important for players to have a good grip on the soccer ball, they also value its durability and the ability to withstand many types of surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

Not only does this ball provide great performance, but its signature light-up feature helps increase visibility in low light conditions—just what you need when evening games stretch into night. Brightness is incredible, too, to the point that some find it too bright! All in all, players understand why this ball is ranked number 3 on our list and why they should give it a go.

#2: Wave Runner Glow in The Dark Soccer Ball

Soccer: 9.7/10

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Top Advantage: Heavy duty construction with full 30-day refund warranty

Top Disadvantage: Comes in only one size

What We Love

Get ready to have some serious fun playing soccer with the Wave Runner Glow in The Dark Soccer Ball! This light up ball is powered by ultra-bright LED lights, making it great for nighttime play and ensuring that you’re always prepared no matter the time of day.

Featuring the official size, complete with a heavy-duty bladder built to be durable over long periods of time, this special grip pattern designed glow in dark soccer ball will make sure your passing and shooting are optimal. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it makes an excellent gift choice for young soccer players alike.

And on top of all that, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, the business or seller offers a full 30-day refund warranty. Get it before they run out of stock!

What You Should Know

The Wave Runner Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball is getting a lot of love from players. Those who take part in nighttime soccer matches know this glowing ball is a great way to light up the pitch! This durable, lightweight ball contains LED lights that makes it easy to spot on a dark field.

No worries if your match is just dusk as well; the Wave Runner can still light up brightly at lower light levels than most glow-in-the-dark balls need to activate. The design also helps it travel flatter than other illuminated balls, so you don't lose any accuracy due to an unpredictable spin.

Although only one size is available, players enjoy using this fun and reliable piece of equipment for after-hours matches with friends or for some extra practice at night. No matter what level of player you are, this soccer ball will bring some hardcore night action to your game!

#1: GlowCity Glow in The Dark Soccer Ball

Score: 9.8/10

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Top Advantage:  Safe, dependable, and bright glow ball

Top Disadvantage:  No on/off switch

What We Love

Whether you're looking to stay active in the evenings or just want to bring a bit of excitement to family game night, the GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball is the most dependable and bright choice out there. Made with 100% Nylon and featuring two bright LED lights, this soccer ball lights up for up to 30 hours of use and keeps its light safely thanks to a rubber exterior ball casing.

Setup couldn't be easier either; this specially designed ball comes with two pre-installed batteries and simple instructions, so you'll be off on your next glow up adventure in no time. Impact activated, each bounce will fill your field with breathtaking illumination for a unique gaming experience unlike any other.

What You Should Know

Soccer players all around the world know that nighttime sessions can be a great way to practice and show off their skills - but with the GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball, it can also be a unique way to do so, too! This soccer ball is actually made of a very durable, yet soft material that lights up in the dark thanks to the two LED lights inside of it.

Players love using this ball for multiple reasons; for one, being able to practically 'glow' whether at home playing on your own or with friends offers a cool spectacle to behold. Also, many report that playing with this ball feels like they are kicking - and releasing - any stress they might have while they're playing since their focus is simply on their kick and accuracy.

Finally, one of its best features is definitely the battery life-span: it can last up to 30 hours, continuously giving countless games with no need for turning it off or recharging it after every use.

Take note: there's no on/off switch for this ball as it's impact-activated. All in all, the GlowCity Glow In The Dark Soccer Ball is indeed an innovative and captivating piece of equipment as noticed by players who have used it before.

Light Up Soccer Ball FAQs

Is a light-up soccer ball worth it?

It's no secret that soccer requires a lot of practice, and often people don't find enough time for it during daylight hours.

But luckily, a light up ball can help solve this problem! A light up ball is illuminated from the inside and provides enough visibility to increase accuracy when practicing in low light conditions, allowing people to get the practice they need to improve their skills.

This makes it an invaluable purchase for anyone who wants to seriously develop their soccer game and make playing in the dark feel just like playing in the sunlight!

Are luminous soccer balls different then regular ones?

Yes, they are! Luminous soccer balls have a phosphorescent material inside of them that makes them glow in the dark. This means that they don't need to be plugged in or charged up like most LED-lit balls on the market. The MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Soccer Ball is an excellent example of a luminous soccer ball that you can use anytime.

The material is also designed to be very durable and soft on the skin, so it's perfect for all kinds of games. The design ensures that the paint won't rub off onto players' hands during play and will last for many blazing nights of enjoyment.

What are the benefits of LED soccer balls?

Using a light up ball has many incredible benefits. Not only does it make playing in the dark much more enjoyable, but it can also help improve accuracy and consistency when practicing alone or with a team. The fact that these balls are soft yet durable makes them perfect for any kind of game, and the long battery life ensures that you won't have to worry about charging it up after every use.

Overall, this type of ball is a great purchase for anyone who wants to get serious about their soccer skills or just have some good old-fashioned games in the dark!

How do I choose the best light up soccer ball?

Finding the perfect soccer ball can seem overwhelming. The key is to consider the following factors:

1. Size

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a light-up soccer ball is size. Soccer balls come in a variety of sizes, from mini balls that are just a few inches in diameter to full-size balls. It’s important to choose a ball that is the right size for the player, as a ball that is too small can be difficult to control and a ball that is too large can be difficult to kick.

2. Visibility

The visibility of the light up soccer ball should also be considered. Look for a ball that is bright and offers consistent lighting that will make playing easier and more enjoyable.

3. Weight

Soccer balls also come in a variety of weights, from lightweight balls that are easy to kick to heavier balls that are more challenging to control. The weight of the ball should be considered when choosing a light-up soccer ball, as a heavier ball may be more difficult to control, especially for younger or smaller players.

4. Durability

When choosing a light-up soccer ball, it’s important to consider durability. Light-up soccer balls are typically made from durable materials such as leather or synthetic leather, but some models may be more fragile than others. It’s important to choose a ball that will stand up to regular use, as a ball that is not durable may need to be replaced after just a few games.

5. Price

Balls range in price from around $15 to $100 or more, depending on the size, material, weight, and brand. It’s important to choose a ball that fits within your budget, as spending more money on a soccer ball does not necessarily mean that it is better quality.

With these considerations in mind, you can easily choose the best light up ball for your needs.

Our Advice on the Best Light Up Soccer Ball for YOU

The best light-up balls offer an awesome and interactive way to enjoy playing the sport.

Not only can they help players practice and improve their skills, but they also offer a thrilling experience when playing outdoors at night. Light-up balls are designed with multiple LED lights that can be easily activated by simply kicking it or tapping it twice.

You'll be amazed at how the ball looks when in motion. Best of all, this unique technology is safe for boys and girls to use so your little ones can have some outdoor enjoyment during night time, too!

Invest in one of these bright beauties today, and you won't be disappointed!

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