Are you an indoor soccer fanatic looking for the best ball to show off your skills?

You're in luck, as we’ve got all of the inside info and tricks about what makes a great indoor soccer ball! Whether you're playing for fun or are in it to win it, finding the right one can make all the difference. Learn from our experts which features make soccer balls ideal for indoor play - from soccer ball size and weight to material construction!

Our guide on indoor soccer balls helps take away any guesswork – no more agonizing over indecision! Take control of every match by finding which ones meet YOUR personal preferences.

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How We Choose the Best Indoor Soccer Balls

When we set out to find the best indoor soccer balls, we knew that the only way to make sure that the products we recommended were reliable and up to our standards was to go through thousands of reviews on Amazon. After all, what better way is there to get unbiased opinions?

We scoured page after page of reviews for the most highly-rated soccer balls, making sure that every ball had withstood its fair share of hard kicks and plenty of play before being included in our list!

We seek out customer feedback from those who have already tried the products on hard surfaces so that you can be sure that you’re getting quality no matter which training and/or league match ball you decide on. So, if you’re searching for a reliable indoor ball, rest assured that our team has taken the time and effort necessary to make sure your favorite ball is worthy of your attention.

Kickin' it inside: The 5 Best Indoor Soccer Balls of 2023

The Best Indoor Soccer Ball for the Money

Perfect Soccer Training & Match Ball

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Top Advantage: superb rebound bounce and balance

Top Disadvantage: Only one soccer ball size offered

What We Love

The Perfect Soccer Training & Match Ball is an excellent choice for the money. As a size 5 soccer ball, it is designed to withstand pressure and travels well in the air; providing a superb rebound bounce and balance.

This ball has a soft touch which makes every kick off your foot feel incredible as if you're controlling all that energy with just one action. Pumped up to the right pressure, it will look and feel much heavier than regular options but fly farther and faster with less kicking force - truly feeling like a professional match ball.

In addition, it is constructed to be highly durable, so you'll get total value for money spent. With the Perfect Soccer Training & Match Ball, you can certainly train or play at the highest levels without breaking the bank.

What You Should Know

The Perfect Soccer Training & Match Ball is widely viewed as the best indoor ball for the money. It's suitable for ages 12 and up as a soccer ball size 5. No other sizes are currently available. This particular option provides a great combination of quality, reliability, and affordability. Not only is it an ideal choice for practice and match play inside a gymnasium, but its construction also ensures superior performance on hardcourt surfaces.

It has been professionally designed to increase accuracy, distance, responsiveness, and control. The exterior of this amazing soccer ball is made with synthetic leather that offers excellent water resistance and better grip on hardwood floors for dynamic and powerful play.

In addition, its low-ground rebound technology helps reduce wear and tear thanks to its superior rebound ability. Enjoy soft-feel impacts often found in premium options with the Perfect Soccer Training & Match Ball!

The Best Polycotton Indoor Soccer Ball

American Challenge Kreis Soccer Ball

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Top Advantage: Known to provide extra softness

Top Disadvantage: Soaks up water

What We Love

The American Challenge Kreis Soccer Ball is one of the best in the market when it comes to indoor soccer balls. Made with two layers of poly/cotton lining and a 3.25mm TPU material, the ball offers durability for use indoors. The machine stitching keeps the bladder, which is a Hybrid SR bladder, secure to the ball, so you don't have to worry about it slipping out of place.

And if that wasn't enough, cotton has also been used as part of its construction process to provide extra softness; perfect for those more intense kick-arounds. If you're looking for a good quality ball for use indoors, then look no further than the renowned American Challenge Kreis Soccer Ball!

What You Should Know

The American Challenge Kreis Soccer Ball is proving to be a popular choice for those looking for a great ball. With a powerful mix of polyester and cotton for superior strength, grip, and air retention alike, this lightweight but durable soccer ball offers superior performance in an array of settings.

Many users have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly it bounces back from hard shots on gym floors or any hard surfaces without damage, while also boasting impressive overall responsiveness and accurate flight paths.

This particular ball has received numerous glowing reviews from countless avid soccer players who are wowed by its fantastic design and ability to keep up with any intense action. The ball isn't waterproof can soak up water, so remember to avoid wet surfaces when playing.

An excellent pick for both practice drills with friends and serious competitions alike, the American Challenge Kreis Soccer Ball is certainly one you won't want to miss out on!

The Best Indoor Soccer Ball for Kids

hahaland Soccer Ball Size 3

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Top Advantage: Safe for children's use

Top Disadvantage: Smaller than the average soccer ball size 3

What We Love

For parents looking for the best size 3 indoor ball for kids, hahaland Soccer Ball Size 3 is a great option. This youth ball provides your littles ones with the proper ball handling they need to play and practice effectively.

Consisting of 32 panels made of synthetic leather, this special design allows kids of all ages perfect control over their moves. Parents can rest assured that this soccer ball is not only soft skin-friendly, but also its construction will prevent any type of injury.

The hahaland Soccer Ball Size 3 has the industry-standard butyl rubber bladder, which preserves the shape of the ball and holds air really well. With its 23.5-inch circumference and 11 ounces weight, it is lightweight enough to use indoors while providing excellent bounce and durability.

What You Should Know

It is important to choose the right size 3 ball for junior players when playing indoors. That is where the hahaland Soccer Ball Size 3 comes into play, providing parents and children with a trusted source for those game-improving kicks. One thing to keep in mind is the ball is not a regular size 3.

Reviews from users have been overwhelmingly positive, with many citing its combination of durability and performance that allows for hours of use without worry. Boys and girls alike love the unique design, featuring dynamic color combinations and designs for an unforgettable look and feel.

With affordability and peace of mind, this soccer ball has checked off all the boxes with customers looking for a great soccer ball for younger players.

The Best Foam Indoor Soccer Ball

Franklin Sports Foam Soccer Ball

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Top Advantage: Best for developing basic soccer skills

Top Disadvantage: Not waterproof

What We Love

If you're looking for a great foam indoor soccer ball, Franklin Sports Foam Soccer Ball is the perfect choice! With its soft and lightweight construction, it can help develop basic soccer skills such as dribbling. Plus, with its eye-catching neon colors, it'll be the life of any party!

This foam ball provides fun for all ages. Whether you want to get the family involved in a few games, or have your junior players practice their newly acquired skills, this soccer ball will do the trick. Let Franklin Sports put a little light and joy into your days - choose their fantastic Foam Soccer Ball!

What You Should Know

Many soccer fans believe that the Franklin Sports Foam Soccer Ball is the perfect indoor ball due to its lightweight, durable foam construction. Whether it be a heated game of pickup in the basement or an organized Sunday evening match-up, this special ball is designed to provide both lively action and consistent performance, time after time.

Its seamless surface allows for superior control and consistent trajectory, meaning more action for players of all levels. Just be sure to avoid wet surfaces as it's not water-resistant like regular options.

For anyone looking for a reliable and exciting piece of soccer equipment to practice with at home or any indoor location, this legendaury foam-filled soccer ball from Franklin Sports definitely deserves a mention!

The Best Multipack Indoor Soccer Ball

Franklin Sports 12 Ball Bulk Pack

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Top Advantage: Complete package of 12 balls, air pump, and needle

Top Disadvantage: Arrives deflated

What We Love

If you’re looking for a durable, reliable soccer ball to improve your indoor kick arounds or team practice drills, look no further than Franklin Sports 12 Ball Bulk Pack. They feature deeper seams and a soft cover with foam cushioning for comfortable use without the feel of having kicked too hard.

The PVC ball covering ensures that these are water resistant, making them more suitable for use both indoors and outdoors or where the weather is an important consideration. To accommodate a variety of skill levels and league training, the balls come in sizes 3, 4, and the official size 5.

Furthermore, Franklin Sports 12 Ball Bulk Pack is equipped with a high quality air retention bladder, so the ball will last longer despite frequent use. Conveniently packaged in sets of twelve, including an inflation pump and needle, you have everything you need to start playing right away!

What You Should Know

The Franklin Sports 12 Ball Bulk Pack is a great multipack indoor/outdoor soccer ball option that's been getting a lot of attention from users lately. Its durable construction in every square inch, high performance, and terrific bounce are just a few of the reasons why people love it. Not to mention, it also comes in 3 different sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Although it can be inconvenient to pump all the balls as they arrive as they are shipped deflated, users are still satisfied with their purchase as they have noticed that each ball has better moisture-wicking properties than other options on the market. And with superior air retention, you'll be able to have hours of play with no need to re-inflate the balls often.

It appears that there's something for everyone in the Franklin Sports 12 Ball Bulk Pack Multipack Indoor Soccer Ball, and it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for an enjoyable soccer experience indoors!

Best Indoor Soccer Balls FAQs

What kind of ball is used in indoor soccer?

Soccer is an exhilarating game, and now you can play it indoors as well! No matter what kind of indoor soccer you're playing, this type is likely to be pretty similar to an outdoor soccer option.

Many regular hand-stitched and machine-stitched balls are designed for indoor use, using soft materials that minimize damage to the walls or other obstacles you might encounter on the court. Futsal (a version of indoor soccer) requires a specific type. Futsal balls, including those for training sessions, are low-bounce and a bit smaller than your average outdoor ball.

Make sure you check what kind of game you'll be playing before picking up a new sports equipment. Either way, get ready to have a great time playing this great game with friends!

Are indoor soccer balls heavier than outdoor soccer balls?

Playing soccer indoors with a heavier option can be a great opportunity to take your game to the next level. Not only will it help you build muscle and strength in your legs, but it will also help with your endurance when playing on an outdoor field.

Heavier ones fly at longer distances, providing you with an advantage over opponents who might not be used to kicking off the ground as far. So don't be afraid of the challenge that comes with using a heavier ball - it's just one more way you can improve your soccer skills!

What size ball is used for indoor soccer?

When you head to the indoor soccer arena, you might be surprised to see that the ball used is a size 5, just like with outdoor soccer.

It is, however, especially designed with a special, less bouncy material so they don't get too crazy when they take a kick off hard gym surfaces or ricochet off walls and other obstacles. There's no need to worry if you need to bring your own since all sizes will work, but just remember when playing indoors, it should be size 5!

What is the difference between futsal and indoor?

Futsal and indoor soccer may look the same, but there are actually a few key differences that set them apart. For starters, futsal is typically played on a hard court, without walls and with one designed to bounce less so you can control it better; of course, playing on a hard surface does require more flexible shoes than normal soccer boots.

On the other hand, indoor soccer tends to be played on turf or rubber flooring and with walls around the pitch. It is also usually slightly different from your regular soccer ball so that it doesn't travel too far when bounced off the walls - perfect for close quarters' play in confined spaces!

How do I choose the best indoor soccer balls?

When it comes to playing indoor soccer, it's important to choose the right equipment - including a quality ball. Certain factors can affect performance, especially the following:

1. Material

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an indoor ball is the material it is made from. Indoor soccer balls are typically made from one of three materials: PVC, polyurethane, or composite.

PVC options are the cheapest and least durable option, while composite ones are the most expensive and most durable. Those made from polyurethane fall somewhere in the middle in terms of price and durability.

2. Size

Another important factor to consider is the soccer ball size. Indoor soccer or football league balls are available in sizes 3, 4, and 5. Size 3 balls are the smallest and are typically used by players under the age of 8. Size 4 balls are slightly larger and are typically used by players aged 8-12. Size 5 options are the largest and are typically used by players aged 12 and up.

3. Weight

The weight also plays a role in its performance. Heavier balls tend to be slower and have less bounce than lighter balls, while lighter ones tend to be faster and have more bounce. As a general rule, players should choose a ball that won't sacrifice durability or performance, regardless of skill level.

4. Price

Of course, price is also a key factor to consider when choosing an indoor type. They typically range in price from $15-$100, with cheaper options being made from lower-quality materials and more expensive ones are hand-stitched and made from higher-quality materials. Players should choose a ball that fits their budget without sacrificing quality or performance.

5. Brand

Finally, players should also consider the brand of ball they purchase. Some brands are more reputable than others and offer better quality products. When choosing a brand, players should make sure they are getting a high-quality product from a reputable company.

Our Advice on the Best Indoor Soccer Ball for YOU

Soccer is one of the world's most beloved sports, and having the best indoor soccer balls can help take your skills to the next level. From improved performance accuracy to enhanced ball control, the benefits of having high-quality options can make all the difference!

Indoor soccer typically requires small-sized turns and smooth surfaces, so it's important to have a ball with good weight distribution that has a textured surface for greater grip.

Ultimately, even if you're a casual player or an avid competitor, getting the best ball can make all the difference in your performance and enjoyment of this incredible sport. Try it yourself!

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