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How We Choose the Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

Finding the very best budget basketball shoe can be a never-ending treasure hunt, with so many brands and models available on the market. To ease our search, we decided to go sleuthing on Amazon for clues.

We scoured through thousands of ratings and reviews, seeking out insightful gems about each shoe's performance and comfort levels. We narrowed in on a handful that really seemed to stand out from the pack: lightweight designs with superior arch support, durable construction, and lots of cushion for ankle protection and shock absorbency.

We've crushed all the tedious stuff - so you can easily identify which one is right for your needs. So if you're looking for the best budget basketball shoes, you don't have to spend so much effort anymore - simply read on as we've assimilated what users have to say about these top budget models!

The Best Cheap Basketball Shoes 2023 - Get the Best Value!

Best adidas Cheap Basketball Shoe - 8.8/10

adidas Men's Ownthegame 2.0 Basketball Shoe

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What We Love

adidas delivers with the Men's Ownthegame 2.0 Basketball Shoe. It comes in at number 5 on our list of the best budget basketball shoes and is jam-packed with features for basketball players of all levels.

Its lightweight design provides great traction and stability on the court, making it ideal for both beginners and veterans alike who want to carve out their own ‘court kingdom’ with confidence.

These adidas basketball shoes are designed for comfort too, so you will be feeling happy even after marathon games! Get ready to hit the hardwood and own your game with the adidas Men's Ownthegame 2.0 Basketball Shoe!

What You Should Know

When it comes to Ownthegame 2.0 Basketball Shoe from adidas, users are simply raving about its comfort and style! Whether you're a casual player or an all-star on the court, this shoe helps you feel like you own everything that comes your way with its cushiony feel and sleek design.

The shoes also make a styling statement off court, according to some users, who say no one can resist their appeal - which is why we suppose owning the game becomes easier with this pair of shoes from adidas!

They come with lightweight textile uppers for breathability and a full-length cushion for all-day energy return. The signature Adiwear outsoles provide unmatched traction on cement, asphalt, or any indoor court surface you may encounter - perfect for making those dynamic plays.

Truly a stunning display of ultimate performance and style, the Adidas Men's Ownthegame 2.0 Basketball Shoe gives you what you need to own the game day after day.

Most Stylish Cheap Basketball Shoes - 8.9/10

Hello MrLin Men's Blade Type Sneakers

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What We Love

Being the fourth best budget basketball shoe on our list doesn't mean Hello MrLin Men's Blade Type Sneakers have to be forgotten.

These sleek and stylish sneakers will still have you outplaying your opponents on outdoor and indoor courts. People may not peg these sneakers as a durable option - but these shoes are actually capable of standing up to the hardships of indoor play and even outdoor competition.

Plus, they come with a smart lacing system, so you can easily customize your fit as tightly or as loosely as you'd like! Truly, Hello MrLin Men's Blade Type Sneakers will make sure you stay in-step with the competition while being economically responsible.

What You Should Know

From the electrifying design to the comfortable fit and performance, the Hello MrLin Men's Blade Type Sneakers have caused quite a stir in the sneaker world. Users rave about the shoe, describing it as looking "cool" and having an unmatched “futuristic” feel that turns heads everywhere they go.

With their cushioned sole and unique accents, these shoes are totally up-to-date with current trends but still offer a unique style all their own. Made with breathable fabrics, these great budget basketball shoes provide ultimate comfort without sacrificing style. You strike ahead, particularly with the aerodynamic, breathable mesh upper to match the innovative sole.

With such amazing product features, these sneakers can take you from indoor and outdoor courts to the tracksuit and still make you look great.

Many have explained that the combination of comfort and quality make these some of the best budget basketball shoes and a must-have for any collection.

Best Cheap High Top Basketball Shoes - 9.2/10

PEAK High Top Men's Basketball Shoes - Lou Williams Streetball Master 

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What We Love

If you've ever wanted to channel your inner Lou Williams on the court, then PEAK's High Top Streetball Master is the way to go!

From the stylish design to its affordable price, the signature shoe will have you gliding around the court like a 3-time All-Star.

This style of shoe features a classic high top silhouette, giving you some serious style points as well as superior ankle and arch support for those hard dribbles and quick turns. You might not have superstar skills yet, but these kicks just might help get you there!

What You Should Know

PEAK High Top Lou Williams Streetball Master has certainly become the stuff of legend among basketball fanatics. Users report nothing but success when donning the kicks; they are lightweight, durable, and comfortable with enough support to take your game to the next level - just like Lou Williams himself!

These indoor and outdoor basketball shoes inspire such confidence in ball enthusiasts that many of them say it's almost as if there's an invisible force shielding them from their opponents. Who said modern technology can't give you superpowers?

Featuring a combination of high-tensile strength mesh and soft foam, synthetic upper, these shoes are equipped to take you from the streets to the hardwood with style and comfort.

Many other great elements, such as the ultra-elastic inner cotton material and double EVA reinforcement, make these kicks perfect for any aspiring streetball players looking to bring their game up to the next level!

Cheapest All-Around Court Basketball Shoe - 9.3/10 

JSLEAP Men's Non-Slip Blade Type Sneakers 

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What We Love

It's no surprise that the JSLEAP Men's Non-Slip Blade Type Sneakers are number two on our list of the best budget basketball shoes - after all, they come complete with excellent shock absorption, breathable and moisture-wicking material, and a non-slip rubber outsole.

But even better than all the practical features is their slick design. Anybody wanting to make a statement on the court (or just look really cool) can do so in these ultra-stylish shoes.

And, to top it off, they don't break the bank - if you want to show up in style without paying an outrageous sum for your footwear, then you've found your perfect match in the JSLEAP Sneakers.

What You Should Know

The JSLEAP Men's Non-Slip Blade Type Sneakers are packed with an impressive variety of features that make them a cut above the average shoe.

These slick sneakers have all the features of the best shoes, such as a breathable mesh material which is perfect for keeping you cool and sweat-free on hot days. They also have some advanced technology built in, like their unique traction pattern, which makes sure you won't slip up on even the most slippery of surfaces.

These sneakers contain a unique triple cushion sole giving you great support and cushion. The rubber outsole offers excellent traction and slip resistance. They are also lightweight, providing all-day comfort.

And with so many attractive colors to choose from, these fashionable sneakers are sure to be admired by everyone who takes a look at them. So why wait? Get your pair today, and wow everyone around you!

Best Budget Basketball Shoes OVERALL - 9.5/10

Nike Air Force 1

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What We Love

It's time to put your feet in the best of the best new shoes regardless of your bank account. Nike's Men's Air Force 1 basketball shoes offer a top-notch experience without breaking the bank.

Not only are they lightweight and breathable, they feature a top-quality sock liner that provides added cushion and breathability.

The design is sleek with an iconic style that makes you stand out on any basketball court. What more could you ask for? With the Air Force 1s, your feet will thank you again and again!

What You Should Know

Nike's Air Force 1 has been a perennial favorite among basketball fans who are looking for a reliable, low-top sneaker that won't break the bank. The shoes have consistently rated highly thanks to the low price tag, eye-catching style, and secure fit.

As one user put it, these sneakers boast 'durability at its finest,' with an amazing range of colors that don't fade or crack even with continual wear.

And, when you factor in all the design details like perforations and robust midsole cushioning, it makes sense why people keep coming back to this classic brand time and time again.

Not only do they look great, but they have a whole range of clever features, too. The full-length Nike Air cushioning provides better shock absorption, while the foam midsole increases the level of comfort and impact protection.

The perforations in the synthetic leather textile upper help to keep your feet cool and dry - perfect for workouts, training sessions, and games. And there's no denying the sleek style these shoes offer: classic design lines give a timeless appeal, even as trends come and go! Whether you're looking for style or practicality, Nike Men's Air Force 1 has got you covered.

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes FAQs

Did you know that some of the biggest brands charge hundreds of dollars for their shoes? It's no secret that basketball shoes are expensive.

It can most definitely be tough to find quality basketball shoes without spending a fortune. This is why we've created this FAQs section to further help you make the right buying decision. In it, we'll walk you through the different types of basketball shoes available, what factors to consider when choosing a pair, and more.

What Are the Different Types of Basketball Shoes?

There are three main types to consider: low-top, mid-top, and high-top.

Low-tops typically have a collar height below 17 centimeters and offer great flexibility for running and jumping movements.

Mid-tops provide more ankle support than low tops but less than high-tops and are a good choice for general use.

High-tops have the highest height of all and are an ideal choice for people who need extra support and protection, such as many players with previous ankle or foot injuries.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Pair of the Best Basketball Shoes?

There are many things to consider when choosing a quality pair of basketball shoes, including:


Traction is extremely important for a pair of basketball shoes. Look for shoes with a durable rubber outsole and deep, clean grooves that allow your feet to grip the court surface during quick cuts and turns.


One of the most important factors when choosing any type of shoe - including basketball shoes. Since you'll be moving quickly, your feet will shift around in the shoes during play. A poor fit can lead to discomfort, missteps, and generally decreased performance.


Leather basketball shoes are typically more durable than synthetic materials, though they can be heavier and hotter to wear. Synthetics are breathable materials, and are lighter and less expensive. However, they may not last as long as genuine leather shoes.

Lacing System

This is especially important for high-tops that come with a higher degree of ankle support. Look for a pair that comes with strong laces and eyelets, as well as extra lace holes at the top of the shoe for better ankle support.

Height & Support

A good pair of basketball shoes should provide support and protection to your ankles, as well as offer good stability overall. Low-tops have less ankle support than high-top shoes, but also come with increased flexibility for running and jumping movements. Mid-tops balance these two factors somewhat; they're a good choice if you're looking for the best of both worlds.

Taking all these into account can help ensure you get the best basketball shoes within your budget.

What Are the Different Types of Cushioning?

The most common cushioning systems for basketball shoes include:

  • Air: This is the most popular type, thanks to its responsive cushioning that returns energy back to your feet with every step. It makes it easier to play for longer periods of time. The Nike Zoom Air is the brand's proprietary cushioning system, and it is lightweight, low-profile, and benefits from integrated air pockets to provide responsive shock absorption.
  • EVA foam: This is also a good cushioning system. It is more common in budget shoes, as it's less expensive than other materials but also typically less durable. However, it does offer some degree of shock absorption and comfort.
  • Gel: This type of cushioning is more commonly found in shoes from brands like Asics and Mizuno, as it helps improve foot flexibility while providing impact protection.
  • PU Foam: Polyurethane foam insoles are the most common type of midsole cushioning in basketball shoes, and are decent in responsiveness and durability.

The type of midsole to choose depends on your budget, personal preferences, and playing needs.

How Will I Know if My Shoes Are Too Tight or Loose?

When trying on shoes, it's important to move around in them a bit to see how well they fit. If your shoes are too tight, you may feel pain or pressure in the front of your foot or at the back of your heel. If they're too loose, they'll slide around on your feet and could cause blisters.

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes For YOU

Shopping for quality budget shoes can be a bit overwhelming, but by taking some time to understand what makes one pair better than another, you'll be able to find the perfect pair for your needs and budget.

The best overall is the Nike Men's Air Force 1, which is an advanced, high-performance basketball shoe that offers a perfect combination of support, cushioning, and breathability.

The PEAK High Top Men's Basketball Shoes Lou Williams Streetball Master is also a great choice, thanks to its innovative design and features that help protect you as you play. And if you're on an even tighter budget, the JSLEAP Men's Non-Slip Blade Type Sneakers are the most affordable option that still offers great performance and support.

Once you've found the perfect pair of shoes, it's important to take good care of them so they'll continue to perform their best for a longer period of time!

Which pair(s) are you eyeing? Let us know in the comments below!

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